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Garnet Vineyards

Carmel Highlands

AVA: Monterey County
Clones: 115, 667, 777
Character: Located on the eastern slopes of the Salinas River Valley, Carmel Highlands Vineyard bathes in the early morning fog that rolls in from the Monterey Bay and warms up in the afternoon as the sun sets beyond the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Alta Loma

AVA: Monterey County
Clones: Pommard, 113, 115, 667, 777
Character: Alta Loma Vineyard is located near the Santa Lucia AVA overlooking the Salinas River Valley.  It gets morning sun exposure and cools down nicely at night, creating desirable day-night temperature fluctuations in the vineyard.


AVA: Monterey County
Clones: Pommard, 115, 667, 828, 777
Character: Maritime breezes, cooling fog and moderate daytime temperatures create an ideal location for Pinot Noir clones to develop ripeness while maintaining acidity.

Force Canyon

AVA: Monterey County
Clones: Pommard, Swan, 113, 115, 777
Character: Force Canyon is located on the southeast terrace of the Santa Lucia mountain range and is a cool, protected spot where small blocks of Pinot Noir ripen slowly and gracefully.


Our Vineyards - Monterey

Cool, foggy weather from the Monterey Bay rolls down a 90-mile long valley, creating an ideal environment for Pinot Noir with silky texture and pure, vibrant flavors.

Map of Monterey AVA with Carmel Highlands, Hobson, Alta Loma, and Force canyon vineyards marked